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da bag is not empty, yet
the earnest of seeing...

Our amigo Corto Maltese keeps sending us his wondrous findings. A very talented 'pseudoanonymizers spotter', at times he believes he should avoid to send such tricks ´cause he considers them "too easy". But readers will love what they have of simplicity!
He writes: "There are so many 'unspotted' resources out there. The only thing one has to do is to spot them..." and that's what Corto did with his bag of tricks, that you should by all means read or re-read and that's what he does, once more, today. (You should also read Corto's "garden of forked paths")

The importance of this 'pseudoanonymizers' spotting' can hardly be overestimated. In order to appreciate it fully, you may enjoy dave's comment: How to access any page on the web, for free
Da bag is not empty, yet
Coupla useful ways to look for anonymizers, by Corto, March 2002

An useful way to look for anonymizers it´s too remember that normally they appear under the form of two joined urls. The appropriate keywords in google give b.e. the following: though we have obtained results (and an interesting parameter like nph that we might have already know, reading anonyweb), the question is if besides those it is possible to spot other anonymizers or, pseudoanonymizers, that is scripts that were not created with any specific anonymizing objective, and if we can avoid mere redirectors or simple links; so,

The first chain that called my attention was (modified by my personal addenda of a checker):

The next step is, logically, a search with inurl: do session url. This allows us to increase our options.

But we have problems; another result is:
that gives 404 if we only change the address
we have to reverse something more by shortening (session/862664/vsid/867825/cid/282161/cmpid/867708/)
and, on the other hand, we can increase our horizons by shortening the search keywords as well, and only ask for vsid that offers:

a bad result unless we correct it by adding /url/ and cleaning /session/new/vsid/3073):

also useful with the do/url, is to seek within results of searches, b.e.
to play with "chaining":
Another one, actionclick, an option we increase by searching inurl:actionclick: (...many results though i´ve not tested them with the [yoyo] technique)

Also: the chinese bigate

Some isolated results: (that i recommend to visit)


Though sometimes it is better to bring the work were you are, validate html search chain offers not only bobby cast! Another useful url is and the following - modified - form:

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Have fun with the pseudoanonymizers, enjoy and send your own findings!
Corto Maltese, March 2002

How to access any page on the web, for free
Ahem, read the following and think at the possibilities this opens... not only in England, he? The silly "advertisementisation" of the web, that our enemies are actively pushing, opens huge possibilities for reversers!
Bet with you that "pseudoanonymizer spotting" à la Corto will soon become a popular sport!

But there's another teaching here: The Mida touch once more! As WayOutThere did dealing with commercial searchbots, reversers transform in knowledge gold all the advertisement dirt that they touch!

Uuuh! Commercial beasts, do your hear me? You do your outmost to annoy us with advertisements in order to screw the poor slaves with your useless crap? We do our outmost to screw you black and blue: We use cleverly your crap in order to do whatever we want, or even more, for free!


Having just read 'da bag is not empty' I was amazed to see the 
following example:

This was not only because hmv is one of the biggest digital media 
retailers and it will amuse me greatly to download mp3s with their 
own site :-)

The reason this is important is that, in London and many modern 
cities these days more and more 'webpoints' are being installed in 
payphones every day. I do not know about any others, but the 
london ones allow 'free' access to certain ad-infested commercial 
sites - including HMV!

Thus, it should be very possible to browse the web unrestricted 
while waiting for a train in waterloo with this url to hand :-) 
However, I am several hours away from london and havent seen 
any such webpoints locally, so if you might publish this small idea 
of mine so others might test it, or seek -and hopefully report- 
similar unintended-proxies on the 'free' sites at their local 

Kind regards,

The URL combination given above will not work for a long time (altough the web is full of chronological surprises). But it should be useful even after its future demise as an EXAMPLE for many more more or less similar approaches. C'mon friends... ready, steady... go!

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